They see me sylphin', and heartin', they hatin'.

Name: Lauren (Laur)

Pesterchum: celestialCathartist

Fetch Modus: Sing Modus (must sing to retrieve items)

Strife Specibus: Bombkind (intense, dramatic power for such a small package!)

Title: Sylph of Heart

Land: Land of Pillars and Roots (LOPAR)

Consorts: Snakes

Dreamer: Derse

Quest: Restore stability to my land, because it’s crumbling/withering away. From….?

You have a tendency to be VERY EXCITABLE and even SOMETIMES MOODY because you have SO MANY FEELS. It would even be safe to say that you have ALL THE FEELS. You’re also an ARTIST and enjoy drawing IMAGINARY CHARACTERS, both your own and others’ belonging to nerd culture such as DND, CARTOONS, and COMICS. You also exhibit skills in other forms of creativity and expression such as SINGING, DANCING, and COOKING. Honestly, expressing is all you’ll ever be good at. Ever. You love ASTROLOGY and are a SCORPIO, along with secretly being a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. You are NEVER PUNCTUAL because you tend to be PRETTY INTENSELY ENGROSSED in something else at that moment.

What will you do next?

Who I Follow

A Faygo sprinkler would be nice too….hmmmm.

Tired of seeing berserk “sober” Gamzee art. This should even it out.

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